You can download the nifty address-book application from here : Click here

How To Use The Address-book?

Just unzip the address_book.zip file and execute test.jar file. Note, you need to have java run time environment for the project to work (JRE 6 is needed).
Download demo video here: Click here

A Summary Of This Application:

1)It is a stand alone address book developed using java swing .

2)The address book uses embedded java DB for persistent storage.

3)Do download the video for more information.

The beauty about embedded java DB is that its very small in size (around 2mb) and packs quite a punch. It supports a multitude of SQL operations and is a perfect fit for small applications like these(the address-book).

Purpose Of The Application:

I made this application because it was a task put forth by a particular company for candidates who wished to pursue their career with that company.

Primarily the purpose of this application was to make use of different technologies like java swing, java embedded DB , SQL and incorporate them in one single stand alone application.

Resources Used: