The title of my paper was : "Cloud Computing: It gets Bigger and Fuzzier now". Please download the paper from HERE.

4-Jan-2012: I had submitted this paper to International Conference on Advances in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering (ICACSEE-2012) and the paper has been selected for publication. Check out the list of accepted papers on the right side of their home page. My paper id is 181. The link for the same has been given below.
Click HERE
The paper will be published in:
  1. International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Security [ISSN:- 2250-3757 (online)]
  2. International journal of Aritficial intelligence and Neural Networks [ISSN:- 2250-3765 (online)]
  3. International journal of Computer Science and its Applications [ISSN:- 2250-3749 (online)]