1. Who do you think will be the richest 10 years down the line?
  2. Pick the hottest one!
  3. So who is the chicken?
  4. Who do you reckon wears these?
  5. Who resembles this?
  6. The one you can depend on in crisis?
  7. Who has got the hottest better half?
  8. Some one you are fond of?
  9. Your stress buster?
  10. Who is the swashbuckler?
  11. Who do you see an entrepreneur in?
  12. Who has changed the most since school?
  13. Who do you think has skeletons in their closet?
  14. Who is the most swanky?
  15. Some one you would like to bash up?
  16. Who picks their nose?
  17. The alcoholic flirt?
  18. Do you see any friend in this pic?
  19. Who is the funny guy?
  20. Who makes awesome graffiti?
  21. Who is most likely to flick from an unattended store?
  22. Who is most likely to have a hole in their socks?
  23. Who is the black sheep in your list?
  24. The Bottom's Up champ?
  25. Your partner in crime?
  26. Someone who really needs to wax themselves?
  27. Given a chance to invest a million, who will you invest it on?
  28. The animal lover?
  29. Who has nice legs?
  30. Who has the grit to run an entire marathon?
  31. Who would you like to see belly dance?
  32. The friend with a weird habit?
  33. Who would you like to take along for a quiz show?
  34. That guy who did crazy stuff in the the chemistry lab?
  35. Who is the nervous fellow?
  36. Who looks before they flush?
  37. Who can win a reality show?
  38. Who is more adept at emotional attyachar?
  39. Who is likely to punch their boss?

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