Hi! Welcome to Reverse Geo Coding.

Please enter a value for latitude and longitude and click the 'Get Address' button.

The physical location of that particular latitude and longitude will be shown on the next page.

For example, you can try 'latitude=36 and longitude=45'

Latitude: Longitude:


-->I used GOOGLE API for constructing this code. I went through Google's geo encoding page to understand how reverse geo encoding works. Apart from that I used php documentation, java script documentation and html documentation for constructing this app.

-->Javascript has been used to validate form fields. It ensures that the fields of the form are not empty and no rogue values are passed to the Google API server.

-->A URL is composed from the values entered and then passed to the google server for computing the result. The computed results are then returned in the form of a JSON file. The JSON file is then read and the results are displayed.