You can download the nakshatra 2011 mobile application from here : Click here

A summary about this application:

I made this mobile application for my college festival using J2ME so that its easy for students to get to know about various events,their dates ,venue,time,person incharge..etc. To run the mobile application just save the Nakshatra2011.jar file to any compatible java phone and execute it.


1) The theme for Nakshatra 2011 was "Go Green". So the student council decided to use as little amount of paper as possible and handle all communication electronically.

2) This application was aimed at making students aware about various events that would be held during the festival, their time slots , respective co-ordinators, venues, dates and any other related information. Printing all this matter on pamphlets and distributing to students would have led to wastage of paper.

3)Hence, I decided to develop this mobile application. The application encourages students to use their cellphones as a quick and handy guide for various events that would be conducted during the festival.

Additionally , it was planned to sell the application as a lucrative medium to sponsors for advertising their products(every time the application was run, the advertiser's logo,product and tagline would have been displayed on the screen for a few seconds). However this was not possible due to brevity of time.

Resources used : J2ME Complete Reference by James Keogh